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Providing a vital resource for your members

What do we offer?

A key aspect of the workings of any trade association is regular committee and council meetings. The exact nature of the service is determined by each individual client, however we can tailor this to meet all requirements. You will be allocated a dedicated team that will handle all queries. Specific telephone numbers and email addresses are set up and then your Smart Admin Works technical support team will:


Receive and answer enquiries
Research the solutions from product information and trade publications
before communicating the answer back to the member
Advise members on government codes of practice such as British
Provide links to useful information sources

What make us stand out?

We have the staff and systems to handle technical queries on a variety of products.

We have experts in a number of product areas. If we don’t know your
product, we will invest time to ensure that we can respond to all technical queries.

Full call handling and query logging systems.

Links to technical experts and organisations that support our in-house